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Album Listening Session: RMM – Safe House

Album Listening Session: RMM – Safe House

“VA based hip hop label Renaissance Movement Music releases Safe House, an album dedicated to bringing awareness to and combating sex trafficking. 100% of its proceeds are going to the Safe House Project, an operation tasked with building a home for at risk youth in Pretoria, South Africa.

RMM artists Legin, Sinai and Focus created the album after an experience in South Africa last year at an orphan care center and decided to respond in a tangible way. Safe House includes features Grammy winner KJ Scriven, Grammy nominated Da Truth, Eshon Burgundy and Jered Sanders.”

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1. Welcome ft. Focus, Legin, Sinai & Laquan Green
2. Felony ft. Focus
3. Refugee ft. Da’ T.R.U.T.H., Spec & Sinai
4. Can’t Do It ft. Legin
5. Pride ft. Spec, Focus, Sinai & Legin
6. Stand ft. Sinai
7. Safe House ft. Legin, Focus & Sinai
8. Shattered People (feat. Sinai & Laquan Green
9. Never Scared ft. Jered Sanders, Sinai & Legin
10. Know What It’s Like ft. Eshon Burgundy, Legin & Focus
11. K-9 ft. Focus
12. Better Days ft. Sinai, Legin & Laquan Green
13. Life Lines ft. Focus & Sinai
14. Roots ft. Legin & Focus
15. Show Them ft. KJ Scriven & Legin


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