Watch Hilgy’s newest music video titled “Between The Lines.”

“Dear Mom,

You’re dope. You’re the dopest mom on the planet. I know our religious differences have always been a barrier in our relationship. I came to smash that today. I love you despite our differentiating beliefs. I love you because you’re Beautiful! You’re compassionate! You make outsiders feel like insiders! You sang in a band 🙂 You’re relentless! You raised 7 kids!!! Dang you crazy.. You make the best homemade meatballs! You always put others before yourself! You’re creative & an artist! You’re a house mom but you write laws in the living room & pass them through the senate!! You write books! You run SpringLake lol. You’re a G! You’re a Boss! I love you because you’re my mom, but most of all, I love you because you were made in the image of God.

Happy Mothers Day Mom!
Love, your son, Eric”

Beat by: Dansonn
Mastered by: Jaime Rodriguez
Shot & Edited by: Nathaniel d’Escoto