Remember the Test Your Strength on the original Mortal Kombat? When you would have to mash all the buttons to get that meter full to break the bricks? That’s exactly what happened in Street Hymns vs Brixx Belvy , the latest release from Bullpen Battle Leagues Southern Crown 2 event that went down this past March.

Having crossed pens with the Maryland-based veteran Danja Zone in his last battle, Hymns came out the gate with the crazy bars this go round, blacking out on stage like Mr. Popo. Brixx was not a push over by far and had some very dope lines, but the Nerd Bars had the room shaking every round. Honestly this was arguably the best Street we’ve seen thus far.

With both emcees stumbling in the third, the only argument anyone should have after watching this battle should be whether Hymns took it 2-1 or the Curry (that’s 3-0 for those not hip on battle lingo). Hymns is already evolving into one of the most complex writers in the game, soon to be putting on classics with JC, Chilla Jones, QP, Daylyt, and Rum Nitty in the years to come. Until then you can click the link below and get these Pokemon bars…

Watch the battle below. Warning: Explicit language is used.