Spoken word artist Levi the Poet teamed up with suicide and depression prevention organization To Write Love on Her Arms to release his new poem “Anxiety.”

“May is Mental Health Awareness Month. I wrote ‘Anxiety’ to get my own out, and hoping that it could be a glimpse for those wondering what the word means. Or perhaps it could resonate with others like me—an attempt at empathy that gives breath to suffocating lungs. Like the way that—even if it is in seasons of despair—knowing we’re not alone in them somehow breeds hope and resuscitates us. My friends, you are not alone, and your story matters. I will say it over and over until it becomes trite and cliché as the lies tell me my story is, and then I will say it again,” Levin wrote on YouTube.

Watch below:

Read his post about Anxiety on To Write Love on Her Arms here.

Download the track here.