A month or so back, John Reuben released a short film called “Reubonic,” which served as the precursor to his new album. The first music video was “Candy Coated Razorblades” and now the second has arrived, “Fallen.”

“New song up. Post Mother’s Day tribute to an exceptional mother and amazing wife. Actually, this song doesn’t have that much to do with motherhood but all the agony she caused me before she agreed to go out with me. She doesn’t like her picture taken or else I would have posted something with her:) Instead I’ll leave you this shot from the Nathan Corrona video he did for this song. Side note: For those who tend to take things too literally, don’t read to much into the video, my wife and I are doing fine. For further context, check out the short film Reubonic. Also, new album May 19th…” he wrote on Facebook.

Watch the video below:

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