I must be prophetic. Last night during the Angry Fan Radio podcast, Bull Pen Battle League founder John John Da Don revealed that B. Dot has been booked to battle the “Imaginary Gun Bar’ king at an event in the near future. Loso also made a brief appearance and confirmed the news via Facebook.

This highly anticipated matchup is one that many people, including Loso himself, have been asking for as it has the potential to be a battle for the ages. With both emcee’s shooting up the ranks and taking the battle rap world by storm, it was almost inevitable that they would cross pens. B. Dot, who announced his retirement early this year, surprised many with the news, as he had been seemingly dodging going toe to toe with Th3 Saga on the URL stage for several months.

With a style similar to that of the legendary Loaded Lux (Beloved!), Dot has made a name for himself by tearing his opponents down strategically using historical and cultural facts. As a follower of the Kemet religion and a vocal opponent of the Christian faith, it was only a matter of time until either Loso, Ward, Saga or Hymns got their chance with the West Coast emcee. Earlier tonight on Twitter, Th3 Saga saluted Loso for being the one to get his hands on B. Dot.

At the end of the day this will not just be a battle, but public display of apologetics in action. My prayer is that those who wrestle with how to defend the faith against the legions of “woke” people (and their depth of Wikipedia knowledge) will watch this video will be encouraged to dig deeper into the Word and into the history of the Church. No doubt this battle will be the biggest and most important of Loso’s career thus far, and will be the one argued about for years to come….unless he bodies B.Dot like he supposed to.