It’s no secret that Andy Mineo’s summer mixtape is on its way, but what if this mixtape is also Wordsplayed’s mixtape as well. Social media posts hint at this being true.

The first piece of evidence comes from Wordsplayed’s Instagram post, which shows a picture of John Stockton and Karl Malone with the caption, “@andymineo & I. two thousand x seventeen.”

@andymineo & I. two thousand x seventeen.

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A black and a white basketball player that were teammates. It also brings back the theme of Andy’s preview of the song, “Magic Bird” (Magic Johnson and Larry Bird). Again, a white and a black basketball player. The two artists also have a song called “Lay Up,” which sticks to this basketball theme.

Then there is this Andy snippet on Instagram of “Magic Bird” in which Andy says, “We got the mixes back.”

Then there’s this…

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So, will the mixtape be called Magic Bird and feature Andy Mineo and Wordplayed? Sorry for the conspiracy theory article, but we’ll find out soon enough.