As the Social Club Misfits tour around the country singing, “Do it for the friends and the family,” well, according to an Andy Mineo Twitter post, they finally might be doing it.

This tweet comes after Social Club Misfits tweeted the following:

They are also said they are working on a new album already and have new tours in the works. Mineo also has a mixtape dropping this summer, so both camps are ripe for a tour together after their canceled one last year.

Earlier in the year, Mary and Fern explained the tour being a possibility to Rapzilla.

“Andy and us, we’re always in communication. We can’t say no to anything but talks is all we’ve had,” responded Fern. “As soon as the situation arises, I’m sure that can get brought to the table. We all have a lot of things going on. I can’t put a no on that. We’d love to get on the road at some point.”

“If we do anything, it’ll end up being a once a year thing. It’s really Andy’s thing,” chimed in Marty. “We do a thing in California and Andy likes Houston. So I like that. The artists can do their once a year event and do it wherever they want it to.”

The tour turned into a one off show in Houston, TX. Read Andy’s full post below about the cancellation:

Check out the original details of the Friends 7 Family Tour here.