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“We all have things in our lives that we worship and place above God. Whether it is our quest for success like we see in Hercules, or lust like we see in Aphrodite, we all have gods in our lives that must die so the one true God who did die for us can reign in our lives.”

“Aklesso was born in Miami, FL and grew up in an affluent home, until his father walked out of his life at the age of 12. His mom soon lost her job as a lawyer and life became very difficult. He turned to music for his catharsis and clung to his faith for peace amidst the turmoil. Aklesso is a Biblical Studies major at Liberty University, and plans on using music to bring hope to those who have gone through struggles like him.”

1. Hercules
2. Aphrodite
3. Ares
4. Poseidon
5. Orpheus

Buy on iTunes. All proceeds will go towards Mondesir Hope.