S.O. is back again with another visual. This time, it’s for his song Parker’s Verse. Originally, Parker’s Verse was released as a single in 2016, and then as a bonus track on S.O.’s late 2016 release These Things Take Time.

“I wanted to shoot a video for Parker’s Verse to continue the momentum of the year I am having,” explained S.O. “A couple of months ago, I asked my supporters to vote on which song they wanted me to create a video for. They voted for Parker’s Verse.”

At the beginning of this year, S.O. set out to release a new song and/or music video every month. Parker’s Verse is another installment in that series. While it was a very ambitious and unorthodox decision to make, S.O. has been reaping the fruit of intentional evolution as an artist and as a minister.

When asked about his recent change in methodology, S.O. was very forthright in his approach.

“For me, it’s about understanding the times. There’s a huge shift away from buying music towards streaming songs, often on playlists. I definitely feel the need to adjust and release music in a way that matches how my supporters listen to music. Additionally, the ability to not be confined to a project, at least in the short term, seems like a good way to release music.”

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