Listen to Reggie Rocc’s single “Rocc Bottom,” featuring Ceej, from his latest album Soliloquy released in January.

“As a child growing up Reginald “Reggie Rocc” Jones was the example of being a product of your environment. His whole family was known as being the dope dealers in his home-town and he fought to find his own identity for a long time. Through that process he found himself in jail, drinking his life away, and sleeping with countless women to ease the pain and confusion of his childhood. Reggie Rocc found himself in a similar place that many people experience in their life-time today and that is “Rock Bottom”. From this concept Reggie started the brand Rocc Bottom and switched from being a secular artist to a Gospel Rapper after getting saved and becoming closer to God. “Soliloquy” is Reggie Rocc first true album and it embodies his story as a artist.” a press release stated.

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