The Bullpen babyface made his King Of the Dot debut during Day 2 of the Royal Rumble-esque event Blackout 7. After wrecking shop against battle rap veterans Xcel and DNA, many were excited to see Loso put in work on a KOTD Stage. Jimz, also making his debut the Toronto based battle league after defeating the STL veteran Aye Verb, would be revealed as his dance partner for the evening.

Loso was up first, coming out of the gate with his trademark rapid fire flow and witty wordplay that has made him the top bull in the pen and had strong first round. However, Jimz may have possibly been his 2nd toughest opponent to date. Wearing a shirt with an upside-down crucifix that said, “I’ve come to do the Devils work”, the Queens emcee came out the box with a performance that many would argue gave him the first.

The Imaginary Gun Bar king would bounce back like Big Sean in the second and third, while taking a moment to warn Daylyt to keep God’s name out his mouth (A. Ward would give the same warning a day earlier). His foe would eventually fall into using the same corny Christian wordplay bars everybody seems to use these days and was never able to regain the moment he had in the first. With a 2-1 victory and a 64 percent vote, Loso made clear to KOTD and everyone else watching around the globe what we’ve all known for a while…his pen is no bull.

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Photo credit: Zac Mac