Reach Records emcee KB nabbed Ty Brasel as a feature for his latest track “Smith & Wesson” which was previously only available for download after buying merch or tickets from KB’s site. But, we’re giving an exclusive download of the new song for free!


KB hints of a new album when he cuts his verse off and says, “Wait, I gotta save some for the album.”

He also urges listeners to pick up tickets for the Tempo Tour.

The tour will feature Social Club Misfits and Swoope.

Tour Dates

4/6 – Lima, OH
4/7 – Taylor, MI
4/8 – Grand Rapids, MI
4/9 – Columbus, OH
4/20 – Harrisonburg, VA
4/21 – Lynchburg, VA
4/22 – Cincinnati, OH
4/23 – Hagerstown, MD
4/25 – Northport, AL
4/26 – Tuscaloosa, AL

For tickets and more information click here.