The first look into John Reuben’s comeback album is finally here. Over the weekend he released a short 14-minute film called “Reubonic” that features an array of songs pieced together to form a film score of sorts.

There is no indication that Reubonic is the name of the album, but it very well could be. Thematically, the video shows a futuristic world after some sort of revolution had occurred. Reuben is essentially giving instructions through TV monitors and a video game called Reubonic.

“New album coming soon! Grateful to Nathan Corrona @dustbrand_films (DJ Dust) for pouring so much of his artistry into this short film. It’s a beautiful way to introduce some new music me and @sethearnest have been working on,” Reuben wrote on Instagram.

Fun fact, DJ Dust was the producer duo for Mars Ill which also consisted of emcee Manchild.

Watch the short film below:

We interviewed John Reuben a few months back and he admitted he had enough material for a new album. It appears this interview was prophetic.

Several months ago he released a one-off track called “Old As Religion.” Listen below: