Lampmode recording artist Timothy Brindle just released a new track for his upcoming album and book, of the same name, The Unfolding. The track, “Headcrusher,” is a fresh take on the David and Goliath story.

“Headcrusher” is both track four and chapter of four of the book. The concept is about finding Jesus in the Old Testament.

From Lampmode:

“All of us have heard David and Goliath told in such a way that we are taught to primarily see King David as an example for us to emulate as we fight the giants in our lives. However, the Lord Jesus Christ made clear in Luke 24:44-49 that the Old Testament is mainly about Him and His death and resurrection on our behalf.

In the first release from his forthcoming album and book “The Unfolding,” Timothy Brindle seeks to show how David crushing the head of Goliath is really a vivid picture of the unfolding of the Genesis 3:15 promise, pointing forward to Christ crushing the head of the Serpent, for us!”

Download the song and the chapter of the book for free here.