Music: Rick Harmoney – Young Thrills PT. II

Listen to Atlantic City-based artist Rick Harmoney’s single “Young Thrills PT. II” from his most recent project Recap.

“Every morning we wake up with the choice to chase after the thrills that this world has to offer or to seek after the Fathers will which is pleasing and perfect. Growing up in an environment that idolizes Sex, Money & Drugs as soon as you walk out of your door can begin to become a little enticing after it’s been fed to you for so long, but when you’re offered another choice a choice to do the right thing and go against the grain to stand out and stand for what’s true and right you begin to see things through another perspective. I believe that’s when we’re truly seeking after what the Father desires for us. So before you lend your ear to the world for advice go before your heavenly Father and see where He has already given you purpose.”

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