Rap artist Oscar Urbina just unveiled the intense MP2 Darkness mixtape, the tracklisting, the album’s features and the April 11th release date.

On the cover, Urbina is surrounded by darkness as “he looks above for hope.” “The album is about being a transparent hero but doing it by expressing the dark ties in my life,” Urbina explains.

MP2 Darkness is a follow-up to Molly Pitcher released in July 2016 with the mixtape series being influenced by the story of Mary Ludwig, a folklore heroine who brought soldiers pitchers of water to combat heat exhaustion during the American Revolution’s Battle of Monmouth.

The back cover has Urbina’s handwritten list of the mixtape’s 14 tracks. Mogli the Iceburg is featured on “Carousel” and is the only guest hip hop artist.

Urbina premiered the mixtape’s first single, “Teacher Chronicles,” earlier this month on Rapzilla.

MP2 Darkness tracklist

1. Rocking With Ya ft. Taimari Shimmel
2. Just Me
3. Carousel ft. Mogli the Iceburg
4. Far Away
5. Speak Your Mind
6. Relevant
7. Ann
8. Callous
9. I Have To Know
10. Old Ways ft. Jay Cabassa
11. Till I Got It
12. Teacher Chronicles
13. Bleed Confidence
14. I’m Gonna Win ft. Anthony Mareo