Lecrae had a busy media day in NYC this week as he made stops at both Shade 45’s ‘Sway in the Morning’ and Hot 97’s ‘Ebro in the Morning’.

On Sway, Lecrae was given an incredible introduction by the radio host that praised the emcee’s abilities and faith. It was a heap of praise not often given to a Christian artist.

From there, the conversation opened up looser people treating Lecrae like a holy man of sorts. They asked Lecrae whether people stop smoking or don’t swear around him etc.

“I hate that. I may not condone it, but I don’t condemn nobody because I’m not perfect myself,” he shared. “I’ll be 100% me and you be 100% you. As long as it’s not something directly offending me…we can’t grow, we can’t build…if you’re pretending to be something you’re not.”

After briefly talking about marriage and having a strong relationship with his wife, one of the hosts asked Lecrae about Christian rappers who are anti-secular, judgmental, and very inclusive of keeping things within the faith.

“I think a lot of their perspective is adopted from white evangelicalism (Ameri-Christianity) and not the authentic eastern mindset of it. You’ve adopted more of a nationalism than you’ve adopted a faith…” explained Lecrae. “It’s making you hate your own kind, it’s making you very condescending, making you self-righteous, making you feel like you’re better than other people and not making you realize that grace is the only difference between me and somebody else.”

He gave the example of visiting Egypt and watching Coptic Christians and Muslims standing together holding hands. “I would love to see more bridge building,” he said.

Lecrae then spoke to a caller who was struggling with adopting Christianity because of the “white nationalistic” aspects often displayed in America.

The rapper and even host Heather B gave great advice and encouraged prayer and seeking the Lord.

Watch the interview below:

Lecrae was also on with the team at Hot 97 where the interview was a bit more loose and all over the place. The variety of topics ranged from working with Ty Dolla $ign to the beef between Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma.

The Reach Records artist said he met Ty back in 2011 while he was hanging with producer 9th Wonder, and since then it’s been “Mutual love” for each other. Their song “Blessings” has been written for awhile said Lecrae, when they asked about the name being the same as a Chance the Rapper song.

While speaking about Chance, Lecrae said he’s met him, but they don’t have a true relationship. In the future, he’d love to collaborate with him.

When asked about Coloring Book, Lecrae said he was a fan and enjoyed the realness of the record.

“I think to me it’s a person who’s being real and navigating through their real life. That’s how most people of faith navigate. I’m not this way all the time. I got these struggles…he’s just bold enough to put it all out on the table. Like Monday I need a smoke break, Sunday I’m like How Great is Our God, and Wednesday I’m ready to fight somebody “You don’t want no problems.”

When the complaint of albums being too religious came up, Lecrae responded with, “What trips me out is people will say that ‘it’s too religious’ but they’ll never say it’s ‘too irreligious’ where’s that line?”

The last tidbit of information came with Lecrae mentioning that his album will arrive in early summer.

Watch the interview below:

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