Rapzilla.com 2017 Freshman Cellus Hamilton has announced the tracklist of his upcoming album, which is titled Album of the Year.

“Calling his project Album of the Year places an insane amount of pressure for Hamilton to really deliver a standout album and also poses the question of is the freshman artist even capable,” a press release reads.


  1. Seeds in the Ground (feat. Emily Thomas) [prod. NelsonNewRhodes]
  2. First Amendment [prod. Ckwnce]
  3. East of Eden [prod. Rozart]
  4. Never Get Old [prod. RXDCXM]
  5. Law & Order [prod. Mykal Riley]
  6. Fire & Wood [prod. Rozart]
  7. Drugs & Rollercoasters [prod. Neal Howard]
  8. Pick Yo Poison [prod. Von Vuai]
  9. Good Theology [prod. tree.]
  10. Mary’s Song (feat. AJ Ryan) [prod. Cellus Hamilton & NelsonNewRhodes]
  11. Loved You Well (feat. Chino Hopes) [prod. Von Vuai]
  12. Tidal Wave [prod. Young Yutta]
  13. Insomnia [prod. Von Vuai]
  14. Dead Bodies / Thousand Deaths [prod. BRadBeatMaker]
  15. The Lion & The Lamb [prod. RXDCXM]
  16. PSA For Everybody [prod. MKSB]