A. Ward and Loso have both been announced for King Of The Dot’s annual Blackout event April 14 &15 in Toronto.

These two have become some of the most talked about up and coming battlers in any league, wrecking anybody who has been brave enough to step up to the plate. In 2016 alone both emcees gave “that work” to several battle rap veterans, with A. Ward going toe to toe with Pittsburg legend Real Deal and Loso destroying both Xcel and DNA (the most viewed battle rapper in the world).

The Blackout event, which is in its 7th year, brings together some of the best battle rappers from all over the world. Each individual emcee that will be taking the stage will be announced, but their opponents won’t be known until moments before they face off. The full event roster has yet to be revealed but Loso has been waiting to wash B. Dot for a while.

Will KOTD make his dreams come true? Will we see A. Ward and Gjonaj face off and have the match of the night? Why does Bishop Brigante hate mirrors so much? Find out these answers and more at KOTD’s Blackout 7!!