Listen to Atlanta-based artist Tay Collier’s latest single “UP,” produced by Canon.

“‘UP” is an anthem for the believer who has been pushed away from members of the body at the first sight of sin. The fact of the matter is that authentic biblical community is more so a life on life walk, meaning that eventually the bad and the ugly will show its self in regards to sin.” Tay said in a press release. “Will we as believers fight to bare with one another or crumble under the pressure? I wrote this song from a place of brokenness in know that over the years i have experienced believers who have pushed me away and it does hurt, but i also wrote this song with hope because everyone that has pushed me away two more individuals came to walk with me in their place. Thats the God we serve, but the reality is we must fight to love each other harder in the face of seeing another persons flaws.”

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