Social Club Misfits’ Fern and Marty appeared on Sway Calloway’s radio show Sway in the Morning where they spoke about the new album The Misadventures of Fern & Marty, Fern’s time in prison, being yourself, and they even freestyled a bit at the end.

The pair did not shy away from talking about their belief in Jesus, and their mission of creating music the whole family can get behind.

“We are not ashamed to stand strong for what we believe in. We can be here with Sway, Eminem can be right there, anybody can be around, but we are always going to stand firm in what we believe in regardless…we paint it to you through the eyes of Christ,” said Fern.

Marty chimed in, “Be yourself…as a person, do you have your own opinion? Stand up for what you believe in.”

They also want to be the first group to keep the father’s in the room with the kids while it’s playing. They don’t want a disconnect between young people and adults.

Aside from talking about their goals and missions, Fern shared a bit about his time in prison. He also gave some advice to a caller who mentioned their husband is in prison. He said the most important thing was to keep the faith in receiving mail and pictures, a little bit of money, and letting them the best of their time.

A funny story about why Fern has a beard came out of his time in prison. He said while in prison he was forced to shave everyday. When he got out, Fern vowed to never do it again.

Social Club then ripped some verses over a beat before they requested some Premo beats and then kicked real freestyles.

Watch the interview below:

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