At nearly 3 millions views since it was released in May of 2016, watch Pregador Luo’s music video “Rolê da Consciência.”

The song, which translates to “Role of Consciousness,” is from the Brazil-based rapper’s latest album Governe! that released in 2015.
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Enough of absence, come with me to the consciousness stroll 2x

He was there waiting for the customer
He is selling his stuff and he’s not even sixteen
He keeps thinking about when is it going to be his turn
The bad boy wants to leave that situation
He has to figure it out on his own because nobody feels sorry for him
And that was how the light illuminated his heart
When the mind awoke to the sound of the voice of reason
You go lil’ bro, hold my hand, strengthen the cord
And on our way we meet another brother
Sitting at a corner crying of disappointment
His salary is lower just because he is black
This planet of crooks is a total mess
Do not give in, our spirit is much stronger
Then he stood up, smiled and got motivated
He looked up to the sky and took a deep breath
Now we are three influencing the world

Better, I know I can do better
I did not fall or die, I’m still alive
From now on I walk another way
I’m done, I give up.
I’ll change the game

Every woman is beautiful, important and precious
That’s what we said to that weepy sister
Who had a bruised eye and ripped sweats
And so she broke up with her jerk boyfriend
Further on, another girl standing at a corner
Alone in life, she just wanted love
But someone messed with her dreams and traumatized her
It took true love, attention and care
Her body could not take that damn burden anymore
Out loud she thought: I am more than that
I know I deserve better
And she never sold anymore what is priceless


On the way near the school there were two children
The boy was cute and the little girl wore glasses and braids
Their faces were sad, almost hopeless
They mourned the bullying every day, they lived like losers
Constantly scolded for being fat and nerdy
We explained very calmly
That there was nothing wrong with being strong or smart
Soon they smiled and came with us
But right away there was a shocking scene
Bigots beating up a teenager
They were shouting and saying he had to die
But me and my fellas made them back off
He has the right to live and be whoever he chooses to be
If even Christ does not judge, then who am I to do that?
This applies to the atheist or the believer who deceives himself
True love can not be confused