French Christian hip-hop pioneers Leader Vocal rage war against evil in new video

The French Christian Hip-Hop veteran duo Leader Vocal released their new music video for the song “Dans le camp ennemi (To The Enemy Side),” off their recent album Ils préféreraient nous voir morts (“They’d Rather See Us Dead).

Cape Verde native François and David Furtade are two brothers who in 1991 founded the first Christian group in the French-speaking Hip-Hop industry. They also created their label in 2010, called Melchisedek Inc.

These CHH pioneers are known to unashamedly claim their faith in Jesus-Christ on the mic. “Music, according to [Leader Vocal], is a tool to evangelize and denounce oppression and persecution against Christians all over the world,” a French online magazine said.


The video “Dans le camp ennemi” demonstrates what many fans appreciate in the group’s music: Visual quality, engaging lyrics and their passionate flow. The aim of this song is to challenge the listeners to stay vigilant and firm against the tricks of the enemy. This is shown in this military-like hook.

“Faithfully, we going to the enemy side / We ready every day and night/ Ready for the fight, ready for the game / We waging war with YHWH”

These adversaries represent the world’s system, haters, or anything that wants to make the brothers doubt their faith in Christ.

You can check a sample of the translated lyrics below (1:04-1:29)

“They said that that I would never make it / That success comes only by feat
That hope is an illusion / That dreams ain’t nothing but treason
That I shoulda change my profession / I should have new ambitions That I should follow their opinion / Maturing in their voice of reason
They want me to hang up my gloves / To only get back into line
They want me to lie low / so the world forget I’m a heir of God
But all of that is a myth / I’m still living as a king”
You can watch the music video below:

In March 2016, Leader Vocal dropped their last album called Ils préféreraient nous voir morts (They’d Rather See Us Dead). This double-disk project consists of 35 songs, divided into two acts. You can order that album on iTunes to discover the Cross Movement of the French-speaking community.


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