Indie Christian Rapper Dusty Marshall releases his new album, Beauty in the Struggle, today.

He shares, “Since coming to the Lord in 2010, I’ve had to face the toughest struggles of my life: overcoming a 15 year drug addiction, being locked up in a mental institution, having a daughter born with life threatening disabilities, and facing the suicide and overdose of two close friends. Out of these struggles God has demonstrated His faithfulness by being present with me in the eye of the storm and by placing people in my life to help me carry the burden. I was never alone.

Now, today, I can truly tell you that everything I’ve been through has been used for my good. My struggles have given me a passion and a hope that God will carry me through, regardless of what the future holds. This album is a representation of that hope passed on; a representation of the beauty I’ve found in every struggle and the hope, strength, and peace I’ve found in trusting Jesus through each of them. Being saved by God’s grace doesn’t mean life is going to be easy. My struggles aren’t over, but the rewards ahead are rich in value. God uses the storms. Don’t miss out on the Beauty in the Struggle.”


1. B.I.T.S. Intro ( Tellingbeatzz)
2. The Light (feat. Krystal Marshall) [prod. By Ray Wonder]
3. My God (feat. Illuminate & Jenisis Praise) [prod. By Vinay]
4. B.I.T.S. (Skit)
5. Beauty in the Struggle (prod. By Tellingbeatzz)
6. Deep Blue (feat. Krystal Marshall) [prod. By Ray Wonder]
7. Soul Glow (feat. Hope Shorter) [prod. By Ear2thabeat]
8. Rest My Soul (feat. Krystal Marshall) [prod. By]
9. Forever You’re Loved (prod. By Tellingbeatzz)
10.Fallen (feat. Scott Armstrong) [prod. By Tellingbeatzz]

Also available to purchase on iTunes, Amazon, and all other digital retailers.