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Bizzle signs Jered Sanders to God Over Money

Bizzle signs Jered Sanders to God Over Money

Rapzilla just received the inside scoop on the next God Over Money signing, and they just so happen to be a familiar face to a lot of Christian hip-hop fans.

*Drum roll please*……

The newest artist to join Bizzle is Rapzilla Freshman of 2016 Jered Sanders, who is making the announcement at his album release show tonight.

“Man, from the undeniable bars to him just being an all around solid individual, it only made sense to bring him in,” Bizzle told Rapzilla. “The hardest part has been keeping it a secret every time someone talked about how dope his project was.”

On January 27, Sanders released Nobody Famous, which had a number of awesome features and collaborations. He joins a GOM roster which includes Bizzle, Sevin, Datin, Selah The Corner and Bumps INF.


  1. Sum’n Good’s Gonna Happen (prod. by Illien Rosewell)
  2. G.E.S.W. (Grind. Eat. Sleep. Wake Up.) (prod. by Talen Ted)
  3. Nobody Famous (feat. Dee Black) [prod. by Illien Rosewell]
  4. Know About It (feat. Ki’Shon Furlow) [prod. by O.L. for Agape Productions]
  5. Powin’ Up (The Spirit Of Peer Pressure) (feat. Shiwan) [prod. by Talen Ted]
  6. Upside Down (Water) (produced by W)
  7. Awww Man! (prod. by Illien Rosewell)
  8. Heathen | The Gift Of God At Work (prod. by Illien Rosewell)
  9. Daddy Duties II (prod. by Illien Rosewell)
  10. Nevermind (prod. by Best Kept Secret)
  11. Blessed (feat. Jeremiah Bligen & Mouthpi3ce) [prod. by Best Kept Secret]
  12. Smile (feat. Eshon Burgundy) [prod. by W]
  13. Children Of The Cloth (prod. by Illien Rosewell)
  14. We All God’s Children (feat. Drique London, Evan Ford, Intalek & K-Hill) [prod. by Illien Rosewell]
  15. Jesus Cares | The Soulful Talented (prod. by W & Illien Rosewell)

Exactly a year ago, Sanders released a Rapzilla.com exclusive project, Hope is Dope.

Sanders was also recently a guest on the Rapzilla.com Podcast with Chris Chicago. Listen to the interview below:

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