Let’s take a minute to talk about Beacon Light’s video for the song “Haters.” Did we mess up by not including this music video for Rapzilla’s Top Music Video of 2016…yes, we did…

A quick look at the video shows just how much went into creating this video. It is high quality and looks big budget. The video feels like a movie as Beacon Light is being chased by soldiers with machine guns firing right at him. The scene that occurs right at the 45-second mark is straight out of an action movie.

“Haters” is also intercut with other scenes of Beacon Light rapping in a spacey void filled with lights and shapes.

So already, there’s action, believable CGI, a story, and Beacon Light is spitting BARS as well.

To Beacon Light, we at Rapzilla apologize for spacing out and not including your music video on our end of year list. Your video could not have been any better.

What do you think? Watch it below:

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