We now know that Episode VIII will be titled “Star Wars: The Last Jedi.” The question is, why? We know that Luke could be considered the last living Jedi and that would indicate that we’re about to get a very Luke focused movie. That would fall in line with all of the mainline Star Wars films as they’ve largely been a family saga based on the Skywalkers. It could also mean a few other things as well.

Spoilers for Star Wars: The Force Awakens follow.

Forget the idea that it’s from the novel of the same name, it’s not in the right timeline and the old stories are no longer cannon. If you want to believe a rogue guerilla Jedi is out there somewhere taking out the Emperor’s goons, you go right ahead. I’ll stick to the actual possibilities.

Keep in mind that the word Jedi is the same in singular and plural. So we could see a focus on the small Jedi Academy that Luke began that was attacked and killed in Rey’s flashback when she first picked up his lightsaber. We learned that a group called ‘The Seven’ were the ones that did the killing and it’s also widely believed that this was Kylo Ren’s first steps into the Darkside. He’s believed to have been one of the padawan learners at Luke’s school. Will we see the last Jedi (plural) get killed in an extended flashback sequence? It would be a break from the norm but the director Rian Johnson has said this movie will feel a little different than the rest.

Could we see Kylo Ren go the opposite path of his grandfather and turn from the Darkside to the Light? While we saw him do some horrible things in TFA (R.I.P. Han), no one in this world is irredeemable, just ask Anakin. Is it possible that we’re here to see the slow ascent of Ben Solo into a Jedi Master? A focus on Kylo could be why the red text once again makes its appearance in the logo.

Most likely the title “The Last Jedi” refers to Luke as the opening scroll in The Force Awakens calls him by this title. The real mystery here is the same one we’ve been rolling over since Dec. 2014 – who is Rey? Is she Luke’s daughter? Was she rescued from Luke’s Jedi Academy and dropped off on Jakku? Is she Obi-Wan’s granddaughter? Is SHE ‘The Last Jedi’?

No matter what, butts will be in seats and I’ll be chomping popcorn as the opening crawl hits me in the face with that John Williams goodness on Dec. 15.