Funny story.

So a lot has happened in the last three years, and just so happened to forget something that happened in 2014: Loso made our Freshmen class.

Last week, we revealed that he earned a spot in this year’s class, unknowingly selecting the first artist to make the annual list a second time. (When we sent him the Q&A for this article, we didn’t tell him specifically what it was for).

Congrats to Loso for being named to the rookie all-star team twice, but to fix our error, we have swapped him in this year’s class with another artist.

Angie Rose

Angie Rose already has a fan base after releasing just several singles over the past couple of years including “Bright Lights” and “Wanna Be”. Anticipating her debut project this year, expected her to be a lock for the 2018 Freshmen class.

Rose’s work ethic, though, warrants an early honoring.

When did you decide that you wanted to pursue music?

I grew up loving music. I’ve wanted it to be a career since I was a child, but my family never thought it offered much security. They thought lawyer was the only option for a “witty” — honestly just sarcastic (laughs) — kid like me. Although I did embrace the idea, I never held it as tightly as I did music. I went to school with the idea to pursue law, but looking back, I know that music was what held my heart. It’s what I spent most of my time doing.

When I left church, I took pretty quickly to the party life and realized that the same attention I received from people in school and people in church regarding music, I was getting from people in the club. I would go out to “have fun” and end up freestyling in a packed club. Moments like that resurfaced the idea that music could be for me, but I knew my content couldn’t reflect the life I was living, so the dream resurfaced but remained dormant.

Who would’ve thought just a short time later, I’d end up a reconciled believer standing at the doors of JahRock’n Studios in Brooklyn and rapping on Wade-O Radio. It was then that I decided I was done running from something that I had also clearly been chasing my whole life.

What has been the most memorable moment of your career so far?

There’s been so many memorable moments. I think one of my favorites was last year at SXSW. After a week full of laughing, rapping and learning from dope artist friends, I ended up on the side of the stage that Andy Mineo and Tory Lanez were about to perform on. I turned to someone standing behind me and said, “Watch, one day soon I’m gonna get on that stage.”

Not soon after I said that, there was some sort of technical difficulty with the music, and Hip Hop Mike, who happens to be a host on Hot 97 in New York, decided to try to fill the air by pulling somebody random on stage to rap. They did, and naturally, the New Yorker in me talks up. I don’t remember exactly what I said, but I do remember a response from Mike somewhere along the lines of, “Okay, so does that mean you got something?” My heart started beating fast, but I said “yep” and got handed a mic.

I started rapping and the crowd went wild with every bar. The group “THEY” went up next and killed their set, but before they got off, they looked at me, called me back on stage and told the audience, “Appreciate what you just saw because it’s rare.” Then they looked at me and said, “Don’t quit cause you got it. Give ’em another one.” I rapped again, the crowd went wild and I left, knowing that with all my flaws and weaknesses, God called me and that since he did, my only job was to answer and allow him to handle the rest.

What should fans be on the lookout for musically from you in 2017?

The fans should be on the lookout for an Angie Rose they have never seen. I’ve been working on music so, so, so, so much I can’t even pin down sonically what to tell them they can expect. I have your classic boom bap, some acoustic vibes, some Latin touches and even had some fun with trap. I sat in the studio with some of my favorite artists and just had fun.

I fell in love with music again this year, and I think if they can expect anything, they can expect to see that. I’m still the same Unstoppable chic. I’m still Angie from the block (laughs). I just got a sharper pen and a more courageous heart!

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