Street Hymns

Grand Prairie, Texas-based artist Street Hymns had already built a buzz battle rapping before he released his first full-length project Slow & Steady for free exclusively on last April. It didn’t disappoint.

He has showed no sign of slowing down his progression in either lane.

When did you decide that you wanted to pursue music?

After growing up around Cross Movement, I got a behind-the-scenes vantage of a foundational group in Christian hip hop. My father is also an artist as well, so all of my role models as a child were all musicians. My dad would have me perform songs with him on stage when I was about five years of age, so I got acclimated to the stage early. I can’t honestly remember a time in my life when I thought of doing something other than music as a career.

What has been the most memorable moment of your career so far?

It’s tough because there’s a duality to my career thus far. Most people know me as a battle rapper, and, at first, that was very weird and I didn’t wanna embrace it. I am an artist first, but I also had to recognize that my main outlet of exposure as of now is battle rap.

As a battler, my career highlight is without a doubt battling Danja Zone and doing a quintuple entendre. Danja Zone is viewed as one of the best pens in battle rap, so to go toe-to-toe with a legend was not only an honor, but also very fun! Musically, just finishing my project Slow & Steady was a major accomplishment. It was a sonically diverse, lyrical, challenging journey that’s basically set the pace for my future works.

What should fans be on the lookout for musically from you in 2017?

Musically, my fans can expect the same, conceptual Street with a fresh approach to some well needed topics that have been waiting to be touched on musically. I’m looking to transition all of my exclusively battle rap fans to transition over to my artistic side and also expand my fan base much further in the general market.

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