Attention attention, nobigdyl. has an announcement. After a 2016 filled with solid features, dyl. is ready to drop his own project in 2017, and it’s coming soon.

The new project will be called Canopy and it is set to release on February 3.

The record has a number of features including: Jarry Manna, Angie Rose, Benjamin Real, WHATUPRG, Emily Allman, Foure, and Camille Faulkner.

“I wrote Canopy coming out of a time of isolation and darkness. It felt like my life was completely falling apart and I’d have to start over again from nothing. God showed me that sometimes there’s safety and protection in isolation. Sometimes the darkness makes it easier to see the light,” nobigdyl. said to Rapzilla.

“Purple Dinosaur” is on the project and so is the first true album single, “Tree Tops.”