Veteran emcee KRUM is dropping a completely free project on February 3, and the preorder is now available.

The album is called Blue Eyed Devil and will be the first full project by KRUM since he changed his name from Playdough.

The album features production from Theory Hazit, Rob Viktum, Harry Krum, Freddie Bruno, and more.

KRUM says to look out for music videos and promos in the next few weeks.


1. Get Loose (feat. Adan Bean & Elias)
2. Dougie With The Devil
3. Bomb In My Shoe
4. Forget Me Not
5. Broken Vessels
6. Blue Eyed Devil
7. Oddball
8. Wait In Line
9. Pew Pimpin
10. On My Own
11. Tokyo Market (feat. Theory Hazit)
12. My Town Your Town