Christian rap artist Json is slated to win an award for 2017, not for his music, but for being an influencer in his community.

“Congratulations to Jason, our Director of Beyond Jobs, for being selected to receive a 2017 Young Leader Award from The St. Louis American Foundation! Jason was chosen for his commitment to make a positive impact in our community as well as his ability to be a catalyst for future generations. We are so proud of you, Jason! #missionstl #stl #stlcity #BeyondJobs #leadership #change” Mission St. Louis posted on Instagram.

Mission: St. Louis is a nonprofit that empowers people in the community to transform their lives and neighborhoods.

In other news for Json, he, along with Lamp Mode artists Shai Linne, S.O. and Timothy Brindle will perform music and teach at the Chopping Block Conference on March 18, 2017 in Paramount, California.

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