Formerly known as Pēs & Zahi Nirav, released his first single “Resolutions” under his new name and real name, Jeff Cabreja.

“Throughout the past year I went through a lot of changes as a growing artist which all led to this recent name change. I went through a lot trying to find my own sound and trying to create music other people would like and it took me a little while to realize it but I was losing focus on the main goal; exalting God and spreading the word of Christ through the music. In the end, that’s all that matters and if I’m not creating art for that purpose then it’s meaningless.” Jeff said.

That led me to go back to my roots and change my name to my real name. This year I want to accomplish being more authentic and focusing on what’s really important and I felt that the only way to start doing that was to be who God set me out to be and going from there. There’s a few things I want to dedicate myself to this year and I’ve explained all that in this new song “Resolutions.”

“Resolutions” is a reminder to myself that there’s goals more important then my own and that there’s people who matter more than myself. It’s also a reminder for those who listen that there’s greater things to life then just trying to “do you.” Focus on family, God, and creating a greater bond everyday between the two.”