Illect Recordings continues to grow its roster. The record label revealed the signing of James Gardin this month, and it already has another announcement: Raging Moses has joined the team.

“I love the style, approach and mindset of Illect Recordings in the hip-hop community,” Raging Moses told “Their commitment to create sincere art is obvious, and that is crucial in my opinion.

“It’s amazing for me to be connected to Josh Niemyjski, and so many of the artists on the label, because they have been responsible for so many projects that have had a major impact on my life. It’s crazy how things can come full circle. I’m excited for the future. There is definitely some great opportunities before us to make some incredible music and share it with the world. We may even get a few dreams fulfilled along the way.”

Illect’s roster also includes Jurny Big, Sojourn, Ozay Moore, Sareem Poems, Sivion, Sintax the Terrific, Scribbling Idiots, Wes Pendleton, Tee-Wyla and J. Rhodan.