DEE-1 just released a mini-documentary called “Won by 1” that shows a behind the scenes glimpse into the rapper’s everyday life and recent “Slingshot David Tour.”

Through all of the funny scenes, personal moments with fans, and music, the real goal of the documentary was to let the fans make a personal connection with DEE.

“I know that next year, things about to go to another level. I don’t want my diehard supporters to ever feel like, ‘I really rock with Dee but I wish I could get that up close personal time’.”

He explained that he has no tour van or bus, just a “whip” that they piled into to drive up and down the coast.

“This wasn’t the most convenient time to do a tour because I’m finishing up my major debut album,” he said.

DEE-1 said the fans are “energizing” him and giving him a sense of “purpose.” He wants to reflect that with his intimate concert experiences.

“My concerts feel like family reunions…we just celebrate life.”

Watch the documentary below: