The music industry has been in a constant state of transition on how to determine record sales and streams. Just last year, streaming became a valid platform to determine success, and these spins were factored into Grammy consideration.

The movement was spearheaded by Chance the Rapper, and now the music industry is taking another step into the future.

After a series of Tweets by Chance that lauded Coloring Book’s and hip-hop’s success on Soundcloud, he Tweeted: “Project released on @Soundcloud will be eligible for #GRAMMYs in 2018.”

Although there has not been any official word from Soundcloud or the Grammy’s yet, most are taking Chance at his word because of the strides he caused for streaming. As artists like Chance the Rapper continue to produce incredible content that is downloaded millions of times, it is sure to become a valid platform for gauging the best in music for the year.

Pretty soon it could be possible to win a Grammy off of both Spotify and Soundcloud.