Producers, beat makers, and audiophiles, get ready for the digital gear haul of a lifetime thanks to Autodafe.

Autodafe has just put together an archive of 150 rare vintage drums machines, and you can now have them absolutely free.

This treasure trove of vintage digital goodness takes up about 200MB of space and is set to work on Kontakt programs. If you’re not a Kontakt user, the beats can be mapped out for other interfaces as well.

Autodafe provided a list of features for those looking to download:

“Each kit has been mapped in a General Midi format (more or less, many old drum machines only have 4-5 sounds)

Each kit has been divided into 5 groups: Kicks, Snares, Hats, Cymbals and Toms

Each Group has custom controls for tuning, panning and volume

Each kit has custom graphics”