Everyone has their favorite Christian hip-hop artist in the states whether it be Lecrae, Andy Mineo, NF, Trip Lee, or Propaganda. But have you ever taken a musical journey across the seas to the UK? There is a booming Christian rap scene there, and here are 10 we think you should know.


S.O. had a big year in hip-hop with his latest release These Things Take Time and then a surprise project, The B-Sides EP. These Things Take Time was even nominated for Best Artwork of the Year on Rapzilla.

Guvna B

Guvna B had a big 2016 as he and S.O. were nominated for a MOBO Award, with Guvna taking home the honors.

A Star

A Star had a number of his signature grime tracks hit the circuit in 2016 and has already hit the ground running with #TwoZeroOneSeven.

Presha J

Presha J had an impressive year, dropping tracks with solid features including his November music video with fellow UK rapper Triple O and in September with A Star.

Triple O

Triple O’s last post on Facebook said he was looking ahead at 2017, and hip-hop heads share the sentiment. His top tracks of the year were “Godzilla” and “Resurgence” featuring Presha J.