Listen and download YP aka Young Paul’s newest project, The Lion’s Den Mixtape (Hosted by DJ I Rock Jesus).


Album Bio:

3 reasons why I feel like The Lions Den Mixtape (Hosted by DJ I Rock Jesus) is important.

#1. It’s faithful art. I boldly share some of the struggles I encountered as a backsliding Christian. I was in a broken distraught place held hostage in the enemy’s camp. The Bible says the devil is like a lion looking for a victim he may devour. His mission is to kill, steal, and destroy. I believe there are a lot of people struggling in their faith and need to hear something real and tangible to let them know they’re not alone in their struggles and a fresh reminder that Jesus is our only hope and restoration.

#2. I give a clear depiction of what it looked like in the enemies camp and how God in his grace and mercy chose to pull me out. So the title “Lions Den” in a nut shell is a proclamation of me announcing that I am honored and blessed to be a slave to righteousness over a slave to sin. I felt like there was still so much in me to share after my “Cold Cuts” EP that I had to put together this mixtape along side DJ I Rock Jesus to let more of that out and transparency was at the forefront.

#3. I truly believe CHH needs more mix tapes like this. Where we take it back to the essence of hip hop where rapper and DJ come together and give you that DJ/rapper friendly type of vibe. Inspired by that 90’s east coast New York sound. This mixtape brings me back to the DJ Clue era with DJ Envy and Desert Storm, the Kay Slay, and Funk Flex era. I feel like it is timely to put out a mixtape of this fashion especially with artist like Jada Kiss and Fabolous dropping freestyles over some classic 90’s instrumentals and current instrumentals and putting them out as mixtapes. It also brings me back to the days of Corey Red and Precise with their “Street Prophecy” mixtapes or Young Joshua “The Visitation” mixtape and last but not least J. Johnson’s classic mixtape “No Excuses” with DJ Essence of lamp mode rocking over some classic 90’s and current instrumentals at that time. I feel like those mixtapes played a very crucial role in my earlier walk with Christ back in 07. So yeah I wanted to bring back that feel and bless someone like those mixtapes have blessed me. Grace and peace. #SacredMeetsSecular

1. Intro
2. 1 Double 0 (Prod. by WanderBeats)
3. It Aint Hard To Tell
4. Deep Cover
5. CaalaBars
6. Quiet Storm
7. YP Shout Outs
8. Exchange
9. So Gone Challenge
10. Flow Dough
11. No Shopping
12. The Message
13. Outro