Christian rapper Shopé met with Rapzilla at Flavor Fest to discuss his life as a teacher and he navigates areas that may test his faith.

He explained that this is his full year as an artist without a 9 to 5 job. However, he was sure to get his teaching certification so he can fill the gaps during slow months of music.

Shopé can teach general science and biology for grades 7th through 12. Often times his courses are taught alongside physical education programs.

The rapper said that in Toronto, the government introduced a new Sex ED program, and didn’t really give the parents any warning or explanation of what was being taught.

“The Sex ED curriculum caused a stir,” he said. “We were taken aback because it is very explicit.”

While he said in some ways he thinks it’s good for kids to know these things. Children in 2nd grade are being shown the anatomy of the body. His biggest gripe is that 5th graders are learning about masturbation, oral sex, and being transgender “as a healthy viable option.”

“More than that, what really upset me and the parents is the manner in which the government went about doing it. There was no consultation.”

Another topic that came up, was him teaching evolution in science classes. Shopé says he teaches it the way it is in the book but does not teach it as fact. He is not allowed to offer a Creationist viewpoint and hasn’t had any incidents in a class where someone has brought it up.

“I’ve never experienced that before,” he said, before sharing that a theological discussion is not best for the classroom. “The classroom may not be the place for that.”

The rapper did share a story where a student approached him after class and asked if Shopé was a believer. The two then shared in a conversation about God.

Watch the full interview below: