Kid friendly Christian hip-hop artist and teacher Mr. Dwayne Reed shared a little glimpse into his heart and his past with a recent Facebook post.

“As a child, I would flip through Scholastic magazines thinking, ‘Wow, these books are so awesome, but we just can’t afford any right now.’ There are thousands of kids today who long to explore worlds different than their own, but cannot, for reasons that are beyond their control,” he wrote.

Reed then shared that he’d like to change that. He also posted a picture of a feature from the magazine that included him around the time he released “Welcome to the 4th Grade.” .

“I’d like to change that, especially for those children who live in America’s inner cities. I don’t know how or when, but I’m GOING to get the kinds of books I always wanted, but couldn’t afford, into their hands! One day…” he wrote.

Reed didn’t seem to have the answer on how it would be done but was open to taking suggestions from his followers on Facebook. He and a few commenters exchanged in some dialogue on what could be done, and ideas to make this a reality.

If Mr. Reed were to start an initiative, would you donate?