Gamers worldwide are preparing their joysticks in anticipation for the latest showdown between Marvel and Capcom Heroes. Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite, the newest installment of the series, will be the sixth crossover between the two brands, which began in 1996 with the legendary X-Men vs Street Fighter.

Capcom’s Tomoaki Ayano revealed that the game will be hitting shelves in the latter part 2017, tying into the original Street Fighter’s 30th anniversary, according to an earlier interview from (translated here by Events Hub).

The MvC franchise will also enter uncharted territory this time around, allowing players to uncover the story behind the merging of the two universes in the games new Cinematic Mode. The Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy will also see a lot of play in the upcoming storyline as there is going to be more focus on the Marvel film properties. Characters from the X-Men and Fantastic Four are currently being rumored as potential DLC.

Nerd Fact: Cheesing is videogame terminology used to describe the action of keeping a person in the corner while performing the same move over and over with your opponent stuck in the corner. Say no to cheesing in 2017.