Krosswerdz leader, BRB, spoke to Rapzilla at the Legacy Conference, and shared an amazing testimony about saving a young man from a slave labor camp in Australia.

BRB and his team did a ministry overseas in Malaysia. He was doing a workshop with dancers and DJ’s.

A man felt the impact of the ministry and wanted to travel with them to Australia. He went and got a passport, but was lied to, and wound up being trafficked to Australia instead.

He was transported through shipping containers and forced to sleep in one with three other men. From there he was sent to a camp to box grapes for $2 a crate. At the end of the week all of his money was essentially used to pay for his β€œstay” in the crate.

BRB was able to track this man down through the GPS locater on an Instagram picture. They then went and rescued him.

Krosswerdz held an event to raise money the man, and they managed to send him back to Malaysia with $3,000, which is equal to $9,000 over there.

Listen to the amazing story below: