Collision Records released a new mixtape by revered lyricist Dre Murray titled Dark Vader on Saturday.

On Dark Vader — with no features — Murray tells the story of his life like never before, all while telling it with the same emcee ability which has made him many fans over the years.


1. He Dreams of Darkness
2. Part 1 (FDA)
3. ’93 Coup de Ville
4. We Was Rich Til The Bill Came
5. Black Everyday
7. Part 2 (So Evil)
8. Simple Math
9. It Was All Good Yesterday
10. Dark Vader
11. Light, His Eldest Son

•Executive produced by Dre Murray, Alex Faith, and Karsten Winegeart.

•Production Credits:

Jay Rhodan (Tracks 3, 5, and 8), Joshua Heath (Tracks 2,4,7, and 9), The Bakery (Track 10), Billy Wiginton (Track 1), K. Agee and Mission (Track 11)

•Art Direction by Zxmbiac Designs

•Visual Design by Karsten Winegeart