Recorded entirely on a tour bus, listen to super producer and artist SPEC’s new album Vacancy 2: Back of the Bus, available now everywhere digitally.

Vacancy 2 features FLAME, V.Rose, KJ-52, Alex Faith, Mike REAL, Je’kob, Yung Life, ChrissyLane, Dillon Chase, J.Monty, Beleaf, 5ive, J. Carter, DJ Overcomer, A-Ron & Tal.

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1. BOTB Freestyle/It was V’s Idea
2. Cali Taught Me
3. One More Song (feat. ChrissyLane)
4. Nothing Realer (feat. Yung Lyfe)
5. Ballot (feat. Mike Real)
6. Trill Ones (feat. Fake People)
7. Good Samaritan (BOTB)
8. Lord Have Mercy
9. Lobby Level (feat. ChrissyLane)
10. Banner (feat. The Bus (Dillon Chase, V.Rose, 5ive, DJ Overcomer, A-Ron, ChrissyLane, Tal & J.Monty)
11. Long Road Home (feat. Yung Lyfe)
12. Second Chance Season (feat. Tal)

‘Late Check In’ Bonus Content
13. Don’ You Know (feat. V.Rose)
14. SMH (feat. FLAME)
15. Put Em On (feat. Alex Faith, 5ive & J. Carter)
16. Buckingham Palace (feat. KJ-52, Je’kob & Beleaf of Dream Junkies)