Christian rapper Skrip pushed back the release of his album Exposition from October 31st to November 25th.

This was due in part to a joint deal with the artist’s own World Renegade Music and Syntax Creative. Exposition is currently available for pre-order now at iTunes, Amazon and Google Play.

“There is so much unsigned talent out there,” Skrip said of the deal. “I want to use any platform that I may have to share all that talent. It’s not just about releasing quality music with mass appeal. It’s also about creating a new sound.”

“Partnering with great companies like Syntax allows us to tap into a company with reputable influence and learn how to better engage our music in a marketplace that’s ever-changing,” Marcus Cooley, COO of WRM, said.

Skrip’s newest record was 100% produced, recorded, and written himself.

“I’ve never written songs like this before. I’m not that kinda guy who just writes to relieve some emotional issues, but I thought I’d finally open up. I’ve got nothing to keep holding on to,” he said. “I really just want to help people overcome! I want people to get a closer look at my life … the good, the bad and the ugly but I want them to leave with something more than telling me how good I am.”

Skrip’s previous release,Renegades Never Die, hit Billboard at No. 24 among Christian albums and No. 19 among Heatseekers albums.


  1. Sinners
  2. I’m Feeling New
  3. My City (Chi-City)
  4. Up All Night ft. Ruby Skyy
  5. Renegade Crew
  6. Interlude (Just a Boy)
  7. These Days
  8. God Level
  9. Waiting (Real Life)
  10. F@ke Friends
  11. Box Cutter
  12. If It Aint One Thing
  13. Take My Fears
  14. Make It Count
  15. Eye On Me
  16. Holiday
  17. OML ft. BreeKay