Fresh off his very popular music video for “Purple Dinosaur,” nobigdyl. told Rapzilla the deal behind his nostalgic video vibes, his upcoming music, and where he aspires to take his indie tribe. of creatives.

For those of you who have not watched the video for “Purple Dinosaur,” it is suggested you do so now. The shots recreate 90s classics such as “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” “That 70s Show,” “Friends,” “All That,” and even takes a trip back to the actual 70s with “The Brady Bunch.”

“The way the song came about was, I get really inspired by nostalgia, especially stuff from my childhood. I think some of the most simple melodies and messages really resonate with us the most in our formative years,” said nobigdyl.

When the producers, Daniel Young and Sam Ock, sent the beat over, the music flooded him with a wave of feels that brought him back to his childhood.

“I just do a lot of free association in my writing and that led to children’s shows and that led to Barney,” he said. “I was like man, that message is pretty dope. ‘I love you, you love me’ even though it seems trivial to us now because we learned it so young. So I flip the melody and added the last part of the chorus to make the hook and went from there.”

The feel good nature of the song not only gave it the single quality it has, but also the potential for a strong viral music video.

nobigdyl. said he’s very involved with making his music videos starting with the treatments and even making decisions on casting. He then takes the idea to other people to make it happen.

dyl’s wife gets in on the visual action as she graduated with a degree in theater and helps convey the best way possible to see the vision.

“We didn’t want to do a performance shot video because we had something special,” the rapper said. “I had a bunch of different ideas and this was the last one. I came up with it like two weeks before we shot it.”

He continued, “My ideas are very on the fly. They are association and feeling based. I had the idea to recreate sitcoms because of their lighthearted nature. I wanted bright colors and sun. I work in weird terms, colors, lighting, and match it with the sound of the song. Marketing I always kind of think on in the back end. I have people around me who will say, ‘You know this has a lot of viral potential’.”

Every TV show that was picked for the video had something in common. They represented love, deep friendships, and strong familial relationships.

The people involved in creating the video also had this theme in common. The extras were all from the Nashville area and many were in the recording program with dyl. at MTSU. Others were from Southern Word, an organization nobigdyl. works with that teaches communication literacy, spoken word, and poetry.

He explained that two of the girls in the video are spoken word artists and mentors and the guys are fellow musicians and content creators. Two of the guys are rappers, one of which began rapping with dyl. as he started out.

The video was shot over two days by J-Lockhart Media. This in itself is meaningful for dyl. because J-Lockhart (Josh), was at a similar crosswords as nobigdyl. a few years ago when they were trying to find their artistic path.

dyl. was at a point where he didn’t know if he should pursue hip-hop. At the time he was Derek Minor’s road manager, and rapping didn’t seem to be the right direction for him. Josh didn’t think he would do music videos, and was planning to just create standard videos. They continued to encourage each other and shot nobigdyl.’s indie tribe. music video and the rest, is as they say, history.

Stay tuned to Rapzilla next week to hear about nobigdyl.’s plans for a 2017 takeover, his friendship with Christian hip-hop’s youngest and brightest, and what he aspires to be.