This is not Christian hip-hop related, but part of hip-hop culture is basketball and TNT analyst Ernie Johnson made a strong stance for Christ on national television tonight.

Johnson, looking calm and collected, faced the camera and tried to give some positive thoughts about the election. He admitted that he voted for neither Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.

He then decided he would use the “R” word and pair it with politics.

“I never know from one election or the next who’s going to be in the oval office, but I always know who’s on the throne,” said the analyst. “And I’m on this Earth because God created me and that’s who I answer to.”

Johnson said he will pray for Trump every day and hope the next four years turns out ok. He said he will also pray for those on the “outside looking in.”

“The greatest commandment He gave me was to love others and scripture also tells us to pray for our leaders.”

Watch the powerful video below: