Hip-hop artist Drew Smith is gearing up to release his independent album A Dream Never Dies, on November 15 and the 10-track record was entirely produced by Kevin Mayfield fka Hot Handz.

A Dream Never Dies “shares the story of a dreamer and a survivor. The album is proof of faith working together for good and towards a desired destination, despite life’s family scars, life-changing decisions, peer expectations and other detours.”

“Each song has its own feel. I wanted to make sure the music matched his voice,” said producer Mayfield. “It took a while since we both like to strive for excellence, but it was worth the wait.”

Smith is hoping that this project resonates with all of those searching for and chasing a dream.

“I hope this project ignites people’s childhood memories and sparks their desires to go after their purpose with a fresh passion,” said Smith. “Life is a journey and this project is the start of me unfolding mine.”

A Dream Never Dies Track List:

1. “2 AM”
2. “1988” (feat. Alesia Diggs & Sharon Ann)
3. “Wanna Be”
4. “Tumble Weed” (feat. Kefia Rollerson)
5. “Gold Star” (feat. Liz Mott)
6. “Summer of Rome”
7. “Casting Ropes”
8. “Thorn & Tree”
9. “Survivor” (feat. Kevin Mayfield)
10. “Fame” (feat. Mimi)
Watch the first single and music video, “Wanna Be,” below: